Our Story

November 10, 2012 — Jeff and Tanya are both students at Brown, but haven’t met… yet.

That night Jeff’s roommate hosts a house party which 1) inexplicably involves a ukulele band [insert joke about Brown students here], and 2) Tanya is attending. Jeff comes home and Tanya thinks, hey, that guy looks familiar. When Tanya introduces herself to Jeff, they realize they recognize each other from the Facebook photos of their mutual friend Aude. Obviously, sparks fly.

The next day, before they’ve even gone on their first date, Jeff tells all his friends that he’s met THE girl.

(Note #1: Jeff doesn’t tell Tanya this part of the story for a very, very long time.)

(Note #2: Jeff is right.)

Flash forward five years through: Jeff graduating, a year of long-distance, Tanya graduating, and Tanya and Jeff eventually moving in together in DC. Tanya starts to suspect Jeff is going to pop the question on an upcoming weekend trip to visit her family in New York. (Note #3: Tanya is right.) And Jeff does propose that weekend… though he decides to surprise Tanya by proposing very early Friday morning, on the roof of her parents’ apartment building, before work.

(Note #4: Tanya is surprised.)

(Note #5: Tanya says yes.)

(Note #6: Tanya and Jeff accomplish very little at work that day.)


This is how our story started. We’re excited to share the next chapter of our story with all of you!